License by Wisconsin DOT School ID # 492

About Us

DNL Professional Driving School is licensed by the Wisconsin DOT.

I have been a licensed driving instructor for over 30 years and I hold a degree in business management.

Working with youth and being able to make a difference in their life has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. This is why I became an instructor. I feel that the state requirement of 6 hours of behind the wheel is very minimal compared to all the driving someone will do in their lifetime. That 6 hours is most likely the only time someone will receive any kind of professional training in the operation of a motor vehicle. Those 6 hours should count for something.

Throughout my career I have seen instructors fail to teach their students the proper driving skills needed to be a safe driver and successfully abide by state laws. They waste the students behind-the-wheel time and use it as their own, to run errands or go to a fast food place, or just to sit in the vehicle and go over the same information that should have been taught in driver's ed classroom sessions. This is one of the main reasons I have decided to open my own school. I provide the proper instruction for each and every student in and outside the classroom.

Our goal at DNL Professional Driving School is to provide the proper tools for all students to become safe and confident drivers for the rest of their lives, not just until they pass their driving test.

I realize that each individual learns at a different pace. The first step is to help each student become confident in their own abilities. Some are very confident and others are afraid of the unknown. We teach each student accordingly. Our goal is for every student to become a confident driver.

I look forward to being your instructor.

Dan Dunican