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As an adult over 18 you do not need to take driver's ed. However, you are still required to obtain an instruction permit before driving. Behind the wheel is offered at your convenience in 1 or 2 hour sessions. See pricing for adults.

Adult Student Contract & Agreement

Adult Student Contract and Agreement
Download the Adult Student Contract (zip file)

Failure to Yield Student Contract and Agreement
Download the Failure to Yield Contract (zip file)

Please download, read, and print out the contract above. This document must be brought with you on the first day of class and turned in before any student may begin class. If you prefer, you may fill out the printed form, sign, and scan a copy of the form and email it to

Please sign and date on first X at the bottom of contract and return on or before the first day of class.

Instruction Permits

Anyone learning to drive a car or light truck (Class D), motorcycle (Class M) or commercial motor vehicle (Classes A, B and C) must first obtain an instruction permit. Permits are issued at all DMV customer service centers located throughout the state, except express offices.

Instruction Permit Requirements

To obtain an original (first) Class D instruction permit, you must fulfill the following requirements:

If you are under the age of 18, you must fulfill these additional requirements:

  • Be at least 15 years of age.
  • You must be enrolled in a certified driver education program. Your Wisconsin Driver License Application MV3001 must be signed by the instructor in the proper certification area and your first behind-the-wheel lesson must be conducted within 60 days of the date signed on MV3001.
  • You must have the signature of a parent, step-parent or other adult sponsor, or under certain circumstances file proof of insurance.
  • You must be enrolled in a school program or high school equivalency program, have graduated from high school or have been granted a declaration of high school graduation equivalency, or be enrolled in a home-based private education program, and not be a habitual truant.

For more information regarding all types of instruction permits, please visit here.

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Probationary Driver's License

Probationary License Requirements

Wisconsin residents OVER 18 years of age are eligible for a probationary driver license if they fulfill the following requirements:

Visitors, students, and members of the Armed Forces not wishing to establish Wisconsin residency

Visitors to Wisconsin (at least 16 years old) who do not plan to establish permanent residency, and members of the Armed Forces and their families living in Wisconsin but with permanent residence elsewhere, are not required to obtain a Wisconsin driver license. However, they must have a valid license from their home jurisdiction to operate a motor vehicle in Wisconsin.

If Wisconsin residency is established, the person must obtain a Wisconsin license within 60 days. Eligibility requirements are the same as those for a native Wisconsin resident.

Visitors and Students from Other Countries

Visitors and students from out of the country who are in Wisconsin for more than twelve months and plan to operate a motor vehicle in Wisconsin, must obtain a Wisconsin license. Eligibility requirements are the same as those for a native Wisconsin resident.

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1-hour lesson » $70  
2-hour lesson » $130 SAVE $10,


Pkg #1 6 hours — three 2-hour lessons » $370 SAVE $50,
Pkg #2 10 hours — five 2-hour lessons » $590 BEST PRICE!
SAVE $110,

Pkg #1 (6 hours) must be paid before 1st lesson.
Pkg #2 (10 hours) can be paid in two payments of $295.
   • 1st payment due before start of first lesson
   • 2nd payment due before start of third lesson

Our driver training vehicle can be used for your road test for an additional fee of $120; this will include a 1 hour lesson which will be given before your road test and the use of our vehicle for your road test.

Using our vehicle for your road test is completely at your instructor's discretion.

We must receive cancelation at least 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment. Monday appointments must be canceled by 4 p.m. on the Friday preceding your appointment. If cancelation is not received you will be charged $40 for the missed appointment.

Register now for Online Only driver's education!

Register now for Behind the Wheel Only driver's education!

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Schedule a Road Test

To schedule a road test with the DMV, visit

You'll have the option to either schedule your appointment online or
you can call 608-264-7478.

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